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Nov 20 2022



Cooking in the Campo: Mole and Nicuatole!

So many of you have joined us for more than one “Cooking in the Campo” experience with Doña Juana and her family that we realized we needed to add some new foods to the menu!

Continuing with our theme of what you can create from a backyard milpa (corn, beans, and squash) crop, we are hosting this opportunity to cook mole coloradito with Juana and fam in their outdoor kitchen. We’ll prepare handmade tortillas on the comal to accompany our mole, and you’ll see how local staples are transformed into explosive flavors!

We are also resurrecting our nicuatole-making from the archives of our first experiences in order to compliment your mole with this local gelatinous dessert. It’s made entirely from the natural starch within the corn from the milpa. Perhaps you’ve seen it around markets downtown–it’s a milky color and is usually dyed red around the edges. Should we flavor it with coconut? Chocolate? You decide!

As you’ve come to know and love with our Cooking in the Campo experiences, we will be in the open-air (in our shaded outdoor kitchen), and we are happy to adapt this experience for vegetarians. All of our corn-based experiences are naturally great for anyone with gluten intolerances as well.

Experience includes:

  • Round-trip transportation from/to Tlayudona (#210 C on M. Bravo St, inside the Plaza San Cristobal)
  • Spanish/English translation
  • All ingredients needed to make a delicious mole coloradito meal and nicuatole from scratch
  • A simple and satisfying brunch (quesadillas or eggs from Juana’s chickens, prepared on the comal, for example)
  • A delicious comida /lunch of mole and nicuatole!
  • The opportunity to transform a functional sustenance milpa crop into a delicious meal with Doña Juana and her family

Reserve 3 or more spots and receive and discounted rate!

Sold out!

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