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Group Travel

Plan a Comprehensive Trip for Your Group That Really Stands Out

Tlayudona designs next-level group experiences.

We organize comprehensive extended stays for international universities with an emphasis on the arts, social sciences, and/or culinary arts. The sky is the limit with our array of academic and life-learning connections!

These trips integrate pertinent theory with hands-on experience, cultural immersion, a critical perspective, and language learning.

We have worked with leading universities in the United States and around the world to design perfect residencies abroad. Our core team is composed of two sociologists and a museum curator. Others are prominent experts in their fields or crafts, who have earned notable local recognition for their wisdom and trans-generational knowledge. 

We also work with wedding parties, family reunions, restaurant staff food tours, non-profits, international interest groups, business retreats, humanities organizations, undergrad university students, high school students, grad school students, language immersion programs, etc!

Our flexible model allows us to mold an itinerary to the precise needs of your group without compromising quality and experience. Tell us about your values, needs, and expectations, and we will make the magic happen.

Get in touch with us to see if we are the right fit for your group! We offer FREE 15-minute video chat sessions via Whatsapp Video to get acquainted and assess how we can best meet the needs of your group! Schedule one today!

Some Examples of Our Amazing Groups From the Past

Nomad Master Program
Hartford University

Foodie and Mezcal Tour

Iliana & Gabriel
Wedding Party

Why work with us?

On the ground, our work within our community is unparalleled. Our hosts will attest to all of the amazing goals we have reached together as a Tlayudona team. We have over 14 years of experience building relationships in Oaxaca with our authentic experience hosts. We will take into consideration the following factors:

Your budget

Special needs of you or your group

Your areas of interest and prior knowledge

Your time frame

Your personalities and preferences

Do you like to have your schedule full or do you enjoy your downtime? Do you want to ride the local transportation to get a feel for the area, or would you prefer comfy private transport? Street food or gourmet? (Or both!) Do you want your stay to be translated each step of the way or do you want Spanish immersion to be a part of your experience?

Request a FREE video consultation via Whatsapp so that we can get a feel for your group’s needs/interests. Feel free to send us an email at tlayudona@gmail.com with any inquiries as well.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!