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Our Tlayudona team invites you to take a breath and really immerse yourself in our sensorial experiences. We have cultivated profound connections in our community that enable you to travel with a purpose!

Tlayudona is continuing to revolutionize the local travel industry with our sustainable women-led model and our unique, hands-on experiences that cultivate respectful and responsible ties within the community.

Try our new art walk with Dani, a local curator, or some of our awesome in-house artistic workshops with our resident artists! We work with a range of palenques where you can immerse all of your senses in the art of agave distillation, and our host, Juana, will teach you to make the most mouthwatering tamales you’ve ever tasted!

Come check us out inside the Plaza San Cristobal at 210 “C” on M. Bravo Street. As usual, we tend to have local coffee brewing and are happy to talk to you about our upcoming experiences or answer any general questions. We promise to help you make the most out of your stay in our lovely home!

From Oaxaca, with love, Tlayudona!

What does the word “tlayudona” mean?

In Oaxaca it’s used to refer to a large, thick-framed person who boasts a lot of physical strength. The expression alludes to the giant tortilla called a tlayuda–because they’re resistant and durable. They bend, but don’t break.  It’s considered a compliment here to be “tlayudón“, and in this case with the added “a” in tlayudona, the word refers specifically to women.

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Why Choose Tlayudona?

There are plenty of conventional tourism companies out there. We aren’t one of them. Here’s why:

Community First

We are committed to making a positive, regenerative, and sustainable impact within our community.


We have an all-women core team and work predominantly with women hosts so that our narratives are told and heard.


All of our experiences are designed by our hosts to provide you with an authentic lens into Oaxacan life.


We pay our hosts more than half of the earnings of each experience. We value and renumerate their time, not just their products.


Each of our hosts has a lifetime of experience doing what they love, and we have been commited to sharing this with you for years.


We put our hearts into each connection we make, we have real relationships with our hosts,  and together we all create a community. You’ll feel the difference.

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