What’s new in 2021?

We are running all of our experiences utilizing our Covid Protocol,  based on international standards. We also have several Open-Air Experiences available for you!

We recently moved to our new home in the heart of Oaxaca’s city center! Come check us out at 210 C on M. Bravo Street (inside the Plaza San Cristobal). As usual, we tend to have local coffee brewing and are happy to talk to you about upcoming experiences!

In the face of this international pandemic, we are strengthening our long-established commitment to sustainable and regenerative practices within our community. Our guiding principles of authenticity, intercultural connection, and a host-centered economic model continue to propel our project. We care about our impact! This means that some of our offerings are evolving in terms of sites, costs, and processes. We really appreciate your patience as we move forward through this unprecedented time.

We are currently relying less-heavily on our monthly calendar and more on direct bookings in order to keep our experiences small and safe for our hosts and visitors, so don’t be shy about getting in touch to organize something. And for those of you who have returned recently for additional experiences with us, we appreciate your loyal repeat business and your referals more than ever!

From Oaxaca, with love, Tlayudona!

What does the word “tlayudona” mean?

In Oaxaca it’s used to refer to a large, thick-framed person who boasts a lot of physical strength. The expression alludes to the giant tortilla called a tlayuda–because they’re resistant and durable. They bend, but don’t break.  It’s considered a compliment here to be “tlayudón“, and in this case with the added “a” in tlayudona, the word refers specifically to women.

Why Choose Tlayudona?

There are plenty of conventional tourism companies out there. We aren’t one of them. Here’s why:

Community First

We are committed to making a positive, regenerative, and sustainable impact within our community.


We have an all-women core team and work predominantly with women hosts so that our narratives are told and heard.


All of our experiences are designed by our hosts to provide you with an authentic lens into Oaxacan life.


We pay our hosts more than half of the earnings of each experience. We value and renumerate their time, not just their products.


Each of our hosts has a lifetime of experience doing what they love, and we have been commited to sharing this with you for years.


We put our hearts into each connection we make, we have real relationships with our hosts,  and together we all create a community. You’ll feel the difference.

Our story

Tlayudona was born from the intersection of two ideas: A sociological analysis about how we experience culture, people, and places; and a practical desire to connect people who are visiting Oaxaca to people from the local community who are doing interesting things.

Our founder had watched for over a decade how visitors arrive in Oaxaca genuinely wanting to connect to the local community in authentic and respectful ways, but how those paths to doing so are not often visible. At the same time, so many of our friends were doing amazing things around Oaxaca that the rest of the world knew nothing about. So we decided to build that bridge, and call it Tlayudona.

More About Us