Cooking in the Campo: Mole Negro

We cannot imagine anything better than expanding our popular Cooking in the Campo experiences to include this emblematic Oaxacan dish. You cannot visit Oaxaca without trying the moles, with mole negro at the top of the list!

Here’s the perfect opportunity to not only taste this Oaxacan delicacy but to make it from scratch. What more? We will get to incorporate ingredients from the harvest of Juana’s sustenance farm!

This is a culinary experience, so we need to know of your food preferences and allergies in advance. Since this a group course, vegetarians can sign-up and your veg-friendly mole will be prepared separately, but chicken/chicken stock will not be omitted from the rest of the experience unless the entire group is vegetarian.

Minimum: 3 people.

What to Expect

Step One: Write to us and request this experience, telling us how many people are in your small group and what your dates of availability are.

Step Two: Once we’ve found a date that works for our hosts and for your group, we will send you a Paypal request for a deposit for your experience or an invitation to sign up using our website calendar. (Feel free to check our calendar for the experiences we currently have confirmed!) *

*Your experience will be open to additional folks to join unless your group is composed of 6+ people or you reserve a private experience at an additional cost.

You can see our refund policy here.

Step Three: We will meet you at Tlayudona, located inside the Plaza San Cristóbal in street M. Bravo 210 local C, Centro. 

Experience Includes

  • Round-trip transportation from/to Tlayudona in the center (M. Bravo St. #210C)
  • Spanish/English translation if wanted/needed
  • The opportunity to learn from milpa master, Doña Juana
  • A trip to a local seed/chiles-in-bulk store to learn how to pick the best ingredients for your mole
  • Quesadillas and salsa made from Juana’s home-grown ingredients
  • Guidance preparing the chiles for the mole and practice using a grinding stone
  • A trip to the local mill to grind the rest of the ingredients
  • Start-to-finish mole negro preparation
  • A delicious mole and chicken lunch (or mole and vegetable medley for vegetarians)
  • Complimentary mezcal

*Afternoon experiences do not include breakfast or the trip to the seed store, due to reduced hours.

Logistics and Cost

Time Involvement – 4-5 Hours, Typically 10am – 3pm

Transportation – Transportation is provided from your home, hotel or a central location to Juana´s home (and back).

Costs and Minimums – $2400 MXN pp.  Children are welcome to attend. 

Ask about discounts for children!

Children are welcome to participate in this experience, although they are the responsibility of their accompanying adults. This experience involves cooking over and open flame, although the cooking area is secluded from the tamal-preparation and dining area. This host family has four children for your children to play with (so guests who do not appreciate children are encouraged to reserve an alternate experience).

Additional: Bathroom facilities are available, though rustic (outhouse style). If you´re picky in that respect, we suggest you go beforehand or check out one of our more centrally-located experiences in Oaxaca City.

There is a minimum of 3 people for this experience.

(*2 people can attend this experience by paying an additional fee of 700 MXN to cover costs)

If you are a single person and would like to schedule this experience, you are welcome to fill the two-person minimum or to contact us to put the experience on our calendar so that we can get a small group together.