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Tlayudona is composed of an all-women core team and a network of predominantly women hosts, so it´s only natural that we create great experiences for women travelers. We work hard to provide a platform for our female narratives to be told and our experiences to be shared, often reconstructing the conventional power dynamics of tourism (and even education) in the process. 
We foster a feminist work environment based on principles of sorority, solidarity, and mutual respect. Some of our hosts share our passion for critique from a gender perspective, and some come at it from other angles. All are strong, engaging, and remarkable women. Depending on the needs of your women’s group, we can orient you toward the specific experiences and/or hosts we think would be the best fit. 
Tlayudona is dedicated to providing safe experiences for every person (but especially women and people from other groups that can often be doubly-marginalized when we travel outside of our communities and “comfort zones”). While we don’t promise that everyone you meet along your journey will share your particular point of view, we do pride ourselves on creating a secure environment for exploring our differences, learning, and cross-cultural growth.

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