Salsas and Seasonings Workshop

Salsas and Seasonings Workshop

Learn how to make Mexican food back at home to win friends and influence others.

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Overview of Experience

Learn how to make Mexican food back at home.Learn about different types of salsas and spices and their relevance in Mexican gastronomy. We are going to learn how to make various salsas and use different ingredients in order prepare dishes like tinga or enchiladas. Also, we will learn how to store them in order to be able to continue using them to upgrade staple foods like rice or breakfasts.


What to Expect



Experience Includes

  • The workshop starts with a visit to a local market where we’ll buy some of our ingredients.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks
  • Ingredients
  • We eat the food we prepare
  • Optional Translation (Spanish, English, Portuguese)


Logistics and Cost

Time InvolvementTBA


Costs and MinimumsTBA

There is a minimum of 3 people for this experience.

There is a maximum of 5 people for this experience

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