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Intellectual / academic

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Are you studying something related to Oaxaca for personal or academic purposes? Expand your knowledge base and learn about a variety of disciplines with our experiences. Our core team is composed of seasoned sociologists, political scientists, and psychologists who add depth to the already-expansive knowledge that our hosts provide. Each of our hosts is an expert in their area, whether that title has been designated by academia, through years of practice, or because they have earned the respect of their community based on their character, skill, and dedication. We are in a state of constant critique, reflection, and growth. Join us in our never-ending learning process.

A Morning with the Women´s Weaving Collective

Learn the Importance of Native Corn in Oaxacan

Hidden Gems of Oaxaca Architectural Stroll

Spanish Immersion:
Literature, Culture, Cine

What Others are Saying About Tlayudona

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