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Mar 31 2020


$1,500.00 MXN

Socio-Cultural Highlights: Josefina and Women in Weaving

A nice round-table chat with one of our most enigmatic hosts is a wonderful way to engage with one of the narratives that compose Oaxaca’s rich cultural landscape. Doña Josefina has designed this experience for those of you who are interested in anthropology, sociology, culture, and/or women’s rights & narratives accordingly.

Josefina founded the Women’s Weaving Cooperative in Teotitlán, which when it began, was the first and only women’s collective in her village. It was a long, hard road toward autonomy for her and the other widows and single-moms she worked with. They were up against many obstacles, not the least of which often being their own families and men in their communities.  Josefina continues paving new paths on her journey today to incorporate women into the professional realm of weaving, and wants to transport you to the heart of the matter.

We will pick you up around 10 a.m. from your home, hotel, or a central agreed-upon location and arrive in Teotitlán by 11 a.m.

Experience Includes:

  • An in-depth talk with Josefina, during which you are encouraged to ask questions and delve deeper.

  • A snack and an optional celebratory mezcal.

  • Round trip transportation leaving from/returning your location following our Covid Protocol.

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