Tlayudona’s Covid Protocol


·      Transportation:

o   Our vehicles will be at 2/3 capacity unless you’re a group that has booked together because you’ve already been in contact. (What does this look like? Our Avanza, which normally seats 6 passengers, will receive up to 4, unless you’re a small group or family that’s already traveling together. Our sedans, which normally seat 4 passengers, will have 2-3.)

o   We will transit with the windows open for optimal ventilation, and masks are 100% required. No eating & drinking will be permitted in the vehicles accordingly, to ensure that masks are worn 100% of the time during transit.

o   Vehicles will be completely sanitized each day, and high-volume surfaces like door handles will be sanitized throughout the day. Our drivers have been capacitated by the state transportation department SEMOVI to properly sanitize our vehicles and maintain the safest environment possible.

·      Masks:

o   All employees and visitors are required to wear masks unless eating & drinking. Eating and drinking is not permitted in transit. When food & beverages are being served, social distancing will be enforced unless you are a group that has already been in contact and booked together. Bags will be distributed to keep your masks in while you eat/drink. Everyone will be instructed on proper mask protocol.

o   Washable and reusable masks will be available for sale if necessary, but no one will be permitted to use our transportation services or attend our experiences without one.


·      Sanitization:

o   To ensure the effective disinfection of all high-volume areas and surfaces and based on the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), we apply high impact disinfectants, with long-term residual activity prior to each experience.

o   Hosts, translators, and visitors will be given hand sanitizer and required to sanitize their hands throughout the day.

o   Each experience will begin with hosts, translators, and guests washing their hands with proper technique. Handwashing throughout the day, before eating, after using the bathroom, and between activities will be available and enforced.

·      Temperatures and Symptoms:

o   All hosts, translators, and visitors will be required to have their temperature checked. In the case of experiences that include transportation, this will happen prior to boarding the vehicle. In the case of experiences that do not include transportation, this will happen at an entry point. Anyone with a fever (temperature above 37.4 C or higher) will not be allowed to participate.

o   Anyone with any cold or flu-like symptoms (runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough, or shortness of breath) must stay home and is not allowed to participate.

·      Social Distancing:

o   A distance of 1.5 M will be enforced throughout the experiences as much as possible. When groups have had previous contact and book together, this does not need to be enforced (as is the case with families or friends who are traveling together and sharing lodging).

·      Group Size:

o   Group size will be limited depending on the nature of the space, the ventilation, the transportation required, and the potential for social distancing. Whether or not guests are traveling together is also a factor. There is no concrete number, although most experiences will host 2-6 visitors.

o   Even prior to the pandemic, hosting small, intimate experiences that allow our guests to deepen their knowledge of Oaxaca and connect with our hosts on a personal level has always been one of our core principles.

·      Communication and Responsibility:

o   Just as our hosts and translators have been capacitated to provide you with the safest experience possible, as visitors you will also be responsible for following our health and safety guidelines, and will be required to sign a copy of our written policy.