Mezcal Tasting at Tlayudona

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Join us at Tlayudona to learn about mezcal culture with our local host, Tania, who has been passionately working in the industry and giving tastings in Oaxaca and throughout Mexico. She currently collaborates with a variety of local mezcal producers to expand her panorama and quench her thirst for agave knowledge.

You’ll expand your understanding about the origins and production methods of artisanal mezcal to contextualize this sensorial experience. We will offer you a selection of our finest artisanal mezcal varieties for tasting, and you will get to taste four types of mezcal from different regions of the state, made by different mezcal masters. We will explain the history, the process and the complexity of this emblematic drink. During the talk we will also offer a pairing with some Oaxacan seasonal bites.

This is one of our newest experiences in Tlayudona’s great new space in the historic city center, designed for those of you who have a couple of hours to spare and a desire to taste the good stuff!

It’s perfect for small groups or even for a single person looking for an alternative, private, relaxed and unforgettable mezcal tasting in a friendly, intimate and welcoming environment.

Join us to know more about agave and mezcal culture and to put your palate to the test!

This event is created for a maximum of 4 people in order to respect our Covid protocol. (Let us know if your larger party is already traveling together, and in this case we can accommodate up to 8 people and your experience will be closed to your group.)

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What to Expect

Step One: Read our Covid Protocol. If you agree with these terms and practices, write to us and request this experience, telling us how many people are in your small group and what your dates of availability are. 

Step Two: Once we’ve found a date that works for our host and for your group, we can put the event on our calendar for you to sign up directly, or send you a Paypal request (in the case of a private experiencie) for a deposit. This deposit is non-refundable. In case of an emergency with our hosts, we will do our best to reschedule with you at a mutually-convenient time. If that is not possible, we will refund your deposit.


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Experience Includes

  • Instruction about Mezcal culture and Tasting of 4 different Mezcals.
  • Pairing with seasonal bites.
  • The tasting will be done in city center following our Covid Protocol.
  • Experience Timeframe: 4:00 p.m.- 5:30 p.m.

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Logistics and Cost

Time Involvement – 1.5 Hours

No minimum participants required. Join us on a whim!

Cost: 700 MXN per person

(Sign up 3 or more people and receive a discounted rate of 650 MXN per person)

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