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Sep 16 2018



Spanish Immersion: Oaxacan Crafts

About Our Spanish Immersion Series

We are reviving our “Spanish Immersion” series from years prior, due to requests from our visitors and community. This series is comprised of 4 modules: Market trips, Food Preparation/Kitchen Vocab, Crafts/Hands-On Activities, Literary/Cultural/Artistic Activities. Each month, we´ll host an activity that falls into one of each of those four modules.

The experiences are not cumulative, which makes them flexible. You can come to one, or you can come each week. We can accommodate all levels of language-learners, but these experiences are designed with an intermediate language-learner in mind. Perhaps you´ve had enough exposure to Spanish at this point that it´s no longer fun to sit in a class with worksheets, but you´re lacking opportunities to practice your repertoire and expand your vocabulary?

Our immersion activities are flexible, fun, and didactic. They´re like “regular” cultural experiences, but with a special emphasis on language-learning and communicative exchanges. There´s only one rule: Only Spanish can be spoken!

Let´s make friends, practice Spanish, and learn a thing or two.

Oaxacan Crafts

This module of our Spanish Immersion series takes place in Tlayudona, and is based around the opportunity to create a craft inspired by one of Oaxaca´s many artistic traditions.  Most importantly, we´re going to practice your Spanish in the process. You´ll be able to practice conversational Spanish, improve your vocabulary, and create something original! Each month we´ll feature a different craft experience.

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