Hands in Clay

Let´s learn about this ancestral practice, followed by a chance to feel the earth between our fingers.

2020 Births New Alebrije Experiences: Here’s the Guide

Alebrijes Abound Our very first experience as “Tlayudona” was with our alebrije-painting host, Alex, from Tilcajete. We continue to work with him, and have grown to include experiences given by his mom and sister as well, each of whom bring their own special technique and personal charm to their work. Together with the Velasco Sosa … Read more 2020 Births New Alebrije Experiences: Here’s the Guide

Quesillo-Making in Etla

For this experience, we are journeying out to Etla to see our favorite vendors from the Pochote Organic Market, Andrea and Noé.  On their farm nestled into the valley of Etla, they utilize their neighbor´s cow milk to make their own quesillo, queso fresco, and requesón. Apart from that, Andrea is a shining star in … Read more Quesillo-Making in Etla

Make Oaxaca´s Iconic Moles

Oaxaca´s Many Moles These wonders of the (Oaxacan) world are packed into one fabulous culinary experience in Etla with Andrea, our favorite chef and vendor from the Pochote Organic Market. The moles (or Oaxacan sauces) are the most typically-recognized flavors in Oaxaca, although there are infinite variations. Each one is a labor of love, boasting a … Read more Make Oaxaca´s Iconic Moles