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...in an effort to reduce risk in our community. Feel free to be in touch, whether it's to reflect on the present or plan something amazing for the future. We are available for virtual connection.
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Contribute to Tlayudona's Relief Fund and help us stay afloat through this unprecedented time.

It takes a village.

In light of the urgency of the pandemic we are facing in Oaxaca and as an international community, we have had to close our doors and suspend our operations. We are taking this opportunity to strengthen our ties within our local community by organizing and promoting food delivery services and the production & distribution of surgical masks. While these efforts do little to sustain the project itself, they serve as a mechanism for continuing to contribute to the local economy and for generating an income stream for our many hosts who normally depend on Tlayudona and our visitors for revenue.
At the same time, we are appealing to all of you who have had an opportunity to experience the great work we do here in Oaxaca: Help us stay afloat through this unprecedented time of need so that we can continue our efforts to bring positive change to the women in Oaxaca who compose our Tlayudona community and to the local tourism industry. You can learn more about our relief effort or donate to help sustain our project during these unpredictable times by using the link to our Fundly campaign.

Featured Experiences

Here are some of our most-loved experiences hosted by women in Oaxaca who love what they do and who can teach you using their own authentic style.

A Day of Dyeing in Teotitlán

We will be able to dye a range of natural colors from organic pigments to take home.

A Day of Weaving in Teotitlán

We will use already-dyed yarn and focus on the the skill of weaving, using traditional looms. 

Hands in Clay

Let´s learn about this ancestral practice, followed by a chance to feel the earth between our fingers.

Hands on Dyeing and Weaving Workshop in Teotitlán (Two-Day Workshop)

Hand-dye with natural pigments and weave your own creation in Teotitlan using a Mayan technique.

Cooking in the Campo: Carne Asada AND Tamales!

Learn to make Oaxacan tamales and cook a delicious carne asada.

Paint and Sip: Alebrijes for Families

You have been asking us for a while now to post more family-focused events on our calendar, and we are working hard to create versions of our most popular events catered to our youngest visitors. Here is one of our newest options: alebrije-painting for children and families! Somewhat like our Paint and Sip experience, this ... Read more Paint and Sip: Alebrijes for Families


What does the word “tlayudona” mean?

In Oaxaca it´s used to refer to a large, thick-framed person (in this case female) who boasts a lot of physical strength. The expression alludes to the giant tortilla called a tlayuda–because they´re resistant and durable.  Even though it might not seem like it, it´s a compliment.

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Why choose Tlayudona?

There are plenty of conventional tourism companies out there. We aren´t one of them. This is why:


We work with local organizations, cooperatives, collectives, and families who give back to Oaxaca.


We have an all-women core team and work predominantly with women hosts so that our narratives are told and heard.


All of our experiences are designed by our hosts to provide you with an authentic lens into Oaxacan life.


Our costs are based upon the fact that we pay our hosts at least half of the earnings of each experience.


Our team has collectively dedicated a lifetime to building connections in Oaxaca, and each of our experiences is tried and true.


We put our hearts into each connection we make and experience we provide, and it shows.

Our story

Tlayudona was born from the intersection of two ideas: A sociological analysis about how we experience culture, people, and places; and a practical desire to connect people who are visiting Oaxaca to people from the local community who are doing interesting things.
Our founder had watched for over a decade how visitors arrive in Oaxaca wanting to connect to the local community in authentic and respectful ways, but how those paths to doing so are not often visible. At the same time, so many of our friends and allies here in Oaxaca were doing amazing things that the rest of the world knew nothing about. So we decided to build that bridge, and call it Tlayudona.