Women in Mezcal

Tlayudona´s “Women in Mezcal” Series

Any of us who´ve been in Oaxaca for any length of time have surely tasted at least a few varieties of mezcal, but there are worlds within worlds hidden within the history and production of this local spirit.

One important (and often-overlooked dimension) of mezcal production is that of the women who have traditionally played imperative roles in the cultivation of agave, the distillation process, and the burgeoning mezcal industry.

This “Women in Mezcal” series unveils some of the historical and sociological/anthropological implications of women´s participation in mezcal, as well as the affects that participating in the industry has had on the lives of local women.

We´ll also delve into some general mezcal information particular to three regions of Oaxaca: Sola de Vega, Miahatlán, and the Mixteca.

Our Introductory “Women in Mezcal” Experience

  • What: A Socio-anthropological account of how women are contextualized within Oaxaca´s burgeoning mezcal industry, followed by a tasting.
  • Where: Meet up at Tlayudona, quick walk to the mezcal Bodega in Oaxaca Centro)
  • Cost:
    • 500 MXN per person, 4 person minimum (Requires previous reservation at Tlayudona or at www.tlayudona.com.mx)

This experience can be followed up by our in-depth tours to a working palenque in Sola de Vega, which can be planned as a full-day or a two-day/overnight experience. There you will experience all of the work, energy, planning, resources, and politics that go into your bottle of mezcal. Contact us to arrange your trip.

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