Food & Drink

Oaxacan Specialty Coffee Brew Bar

Learn how to get the most out of your roast using 3 distinct brewing methods to prepare coffee from various regions of Oaxaca.

Open Air: Iconic Moles

Learn to prepare several of Oaxaca’s iconic moles with Doña Andrea in a picturesque adobe building that has been in her family for generations.

Roast Your Own Oaxacan Specialty Coffee

The holy grail of coffee courses, we will be delving into “Coffee Roasting Chemistry 101” and the amazing juncture between the art of roasting coffee and the science behind the process.

Cooking in the Campo: Tamales

Juana and her family dedicate themselves to cultivating a mixture of corns, beans, and squash, known locally as “la milpa”. Learn to make 4 delicious types of tamales with the milpa crop.

Yes, Coffee is a Fruit!

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent a lot of cumulative time downing your morning cup of coffee, but have you thought about where your coffee comes from and all the work that its journey from the plant to your cup implies?

Quesillo Making in Etla

For this experience, we are journeying out to Etla to see our favorite vendors from the Pochote Organic Market, Andrea and Noé.  On their farm nestled into the valley of Etla, they utilize their neighbor´s cow milk to make their own quesillo, queso fresco, and requesón.

Tejate: The Pre-Hispanic Cacao & Corn Energy Drink

Tejate is a corn and cacao-based drink traditional to the state of Oaxaca.  It originates back from the pre-hispanic era and was initially used during ceremonies.  It continues to be popular in Mixtec and Zapotec villages, especially around the area of San Andrés Huayapam.

Mole Negro: Start to Finish with Doña Raquel

Doña Raquel is a gem, with years of familial, personal, and professional experience preparing Oaxaca´s regional cuisine. In this experience, she will guide you through each step of the journey of mole-making, from ingredient-selection at Oaxaca’s iconic Abastos market to the culmination of one the state’s most recognizable dishes.

Food Sovereignty: Oaxacan Corn

Corn is the staple ingredient that the rest of Oaxaca´s diet revolves around. Join us in this exploration of its importance, its vast biological diversity, and its cultural significance in Oaxaca in our collaboration with Xub Maíz.

Cooking in the Campo: Tortillas & Salsa

Come spend the day with us in the beautiful campo of San Agustín Yatareni as we learn to make tortillas and salsa completely from scratch. This process, called “nixtamalización”, is just one of the ancestral culinary treasures that we tend to replace with mechanized processes in the bustle of the restaurant scene around the world.

Cooking in the Campo: Carne Asada

This experience was born from our visitors’ request to experience “carne” the way it’s done in the villages. Venture out to Yatareni with Tlayudona and Doña Juana for a taste of life in the campo.  

Market Day-Trip With Doña Raquel

This experience was designed by one of our star hosts, Doña Raquel, with the requests of her visitors in mind… the folks coming to her cooking experiences consistently wanted to know more about the ingredients she uses, how to locate them in Oaxaca’s largest open-air market.