Tlayudona has awesome bilingual drivers, hosts, and translators who will ensure you make the most out of your day!

Are you fascinated by archeological sites? A mezcal connoiseur? Are you traveling with your family or a group of friends with diverse interests? We have years of experience organizing mixed groups and can plan a personalized itinerary for you! 


Experience Oaxaca

How does it work?

Your day-trips and excursions can be planned in one of three ways. Connect with us for more information!

1. Choose from our list of experiences and we can help you schedule a date that works for your small group or family. Get in touch!

2. We have some already-planned itineraries based on certain geographic spots, such as our Sierra Norte Experience, or our Mitla/Market/Mezcal day. Look for them on our calendar or let us know if you want more information!

3. Often the best option for families or groups with varied interests is to let us know what you’re into and to let us plan a day for you. Rather than a conventional Tlayudona experience, this means you’ll have an entire day with one of our bilingual drivers to make sure that everyone in your group gets to do something they enjoy most! This is our most flexible option and works especially-well for families, since you can move from one activity to the next depending on everyone’s interest level in that moment.