Make Oaxaca’s Iconic Moles

Oaxaca’s Many Moles These wonders of the (Oaxacan) world are packed into one fabulous culinary experience with Andrea, our favorite chef and vendor from the Pochote Organic Market. The moles (or Oaxacan sauces) are the most typically-recognized flavors in Oaxaca, although there are infinite variations. Each one is a labor of love, boasting a myriad of … Read more

Food Sovereignty: Oaxacan Corn

Xub Maíz Corn is the staple ingredient that the rest of Oaxaca´s diet revolves around. Join us in this exploration of its importance, its vast biological diversity, and its cultural significance in Oaxaca in our collaboration with Xub Maíz. During this theory-turned-practice experience, you will receive an introduction to the instrumental role that corn has played … Read more