Locally-Made Souvenirs

Support our hosts by taking home some of their amazing handiwork and commemorate your Oaxacan trip in the process!

You can purchase the following souvenirs directly in Tlayudona in Oaxaca’s historic city center!

You can also add these products to the online purchase of your experience and they will be handed to you at the start of your experience. At this point we do not ship products, but we are happy to facilitate relationships for our hosts that will broaden their access to the varied tools that global relations can provide! Let us know if you would like to contribute to any of these projects and we can put you in touch with one of our hosts! In the past, many of our visitors have invested time, skill-sets, technological knowledge, and even economic contributions.

The cultural richness of Oaxacan communities is embodied in the remarkable craftsmanship displayed in their products. From textiles to exquisite pottery and vibrant handicrafts, these creations hold both tangible and intangible heritage. Recognizing the significance of fair trade and empowering these communities is crucial for preserving their unique cultural identity. At Tlayudona we work to achieve collective progress, which is why you can purchase directly the products designed by our hosts. All the products tell their life stories and the generational knowledge that is embodied in them. They are a fair, sustainable source of income for our hosts and their families.

What’s more? ¡The majority of our hosts are women, and most of them are mothers, so these products ensure their ability to work from home with their children in a safe and productive way. We are working with several of our hosts to design lucrative small business projects to increase their monthly income, especially during the touristic “low” seasons

Baskets made with pine needles from the Sierra Norte

Our hostess Lucia makes woven sarcina (pine needle) products made from sustainable, natural materials in her village. She learned these techniques in a self- taught way and each piece takes her an average of ten days to complete. They are 100% original pieces. Lucia can work with you to transform your own personal designs into woven art as well!

Products from our Cooking in the Campo Experiences: Salsas Doña Juana

Delicious salsas prepared with 100% locally-grown Oaxacan ingredients that can accompany you to your home!!!