Learn the Importance of Native Corn in Oaxaca

Native Corn: Worlds within Worlds

Overview of Experience

Corn is the staple ingredient that the rest of Oaxaca´s diet revolves around. Join us in this exploration of its importance, its vast biological diversity, and its cultural significance in Oaxaca in our collaboration with Xub Maíz.

What to Expect

During this two hour theory-turned-practice experience, you will receive an introduction to the instrumental role that corn has played in Mexican and specifically Oaxacan history, followed by a talk regarding the changes this market has recently endured. Our hosts will explain their drive behind protecting local corn varieties and organizing small-time producers so that cultivating these native crops can be more economically-viable and sustainable .

You´ll be taught about Xub´s organization and mission, and then you´ll engage in a walk-through of the nixtamalization process that´s the first step in transforming corn into tortillas. You´ll see how the corn in ground in Xub´s on-site molino/mill, and you can get your hands into the mix preparing your own tostadas and tortillas.

You´ll be able to watch local ingredients be cooked into a delicious typical brunch, and can participate in each stage of the process. At the culmination of the experience, you´ll be able to taste the range of flavors that can be found in different varieties of native corn.  Afterward, our hosts will walk you through their shop, which features all local and organic products made by various branches of their collective, including a dried-fruits project that they have underway in Etla.

Experience Includes

  • Historical and practical introduction to native corn in Mexico/Oaxaca
  • Talk about its importance, the deficiencies in the modern marketplace, and the steps that Xub is taking to improve this situatiion
  • The opportunity to watch and participate as corn is transformed into tortillas
  • A delicious traditional Oaxacan-style  brunch:
    • Coffee or Hot Chocolate (Made with water or milk)
    • Fruit Plate with Miel and Amaranth
    •  Bread from the Sierra with Homestyle Raspberry Jam
    •  An order of 3 Breakfast “Quelite” tacos
  • The opportunity to purchase products directly from  Xub  Collective´s producers in their local, organic store
  • Spanish-to-English translation

Logistics and Cost

Time Involvement – 3 Hours

Transportation – None.  XUB Maiz is located within Reforma @

Xub Maíz, Espacio Biocultural.
Privada de Gardenias, #214
Colonia Reforma, Oaxaca de Juárez

Costs and Minimums 1,045 MXN

There is a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 people for this experience.

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