Conviertete en anfitrión

Thank you for your interest in Tlayudona


What does it mean to partner with us on our mission to offer touristic experiences in Oaxaca that reflect a host/guest paradigm rather than a service provider/client model? At Tlayudona we strive to shift tourism from the economic arena into the realm of “learning experiences”.  We want our hosts to have full autonomy over their offerings, as well as control over their schedules and fees.

Of course, flexibility, understanding, and respect are the keys to positive and meaningful inter-cultural exchanges, so they are expected of all parties involved.

The sky is the limit in terms of how you can partner with Tlayudona.

Some categorical ideas for the experiences you may offer at Tlayudona are:

  • Food and drink (Everything about Coffee/How to roast-your-own/Make amazing lattes/etc… Learn about the milpa and how to make tortillas by hand… Make-your-own tamales/tejate/atole/etc….Tour of Oaxaca´s palenques and an in-depth look at mezcal….A trip to one of Oaxaca´s markets to pick-out the freshest local ingredients to make “X” meal together, etc…)
  • Academic or public intellectual (For when you have a wealth of academic or intellectual (popular) information on a particular subject and would like to offer courses for people with previous knowledge and interest in said subject. You do not need to be trained by academia, but you do need to provide ample biographical info that supports that you´re an “expert” (flexibly-defined) in your area or theme. Examples: Popular education, The social movements of 2006 in Oaxaca, Feminist movements in Mexico, Oaxacan geography, Local architecture, permaculture, indigenous languages, etc)
  • Walking-tours/Site-specific tours (These could be architectural, foodie tours, historic, cultural, art-specific, local library tour, etc. They require that you walk your guests around and teach them “in motion” as they take in the breadth of their surroundings, Teach people about the village you grew up in, its sites, history, and stories, take them to taste a local treat.)
  • History and archeology (Can be in classroom format, an interactive workshop, or an on-site tour)
  • Activism (Raise some money for a local club, group, or movement that you belong to by teaching folks all about your cause, why you are passionate about it, what your group is doing to help)
  • Art/Crafts (Talks, courses, and/or hands-on experiences pertaining to arts and crafts… Examples: Paint your own alebrije, make your own pottery, etc.)
  • Spanish/language learning (These can be walking tours, classroom-style learning, immersion, etc, themed based on another activity or purely about language acquisition)
  • Other (Anything you can think of that does not fit into the above categories)



Tlayudona requires that our partnering hosts are:

  • People who are interested in disseminating the wealth of cultural patrimony that Oaxaca has to offer.
  • Creative, self-motivated, personable, and willing/able to deal with diverse people from different places and cultures.
  • People who feel they have something to teach (we believe that EVERYONE does!!)
  • People with time available to dedicate to Tlayudona, even if only on the weekends or specific time-slots during the week.
  • People who are able to be reached easily and/or on short notice and can firmly commit to a time-slot once it is arranged.
  • People who have a space where they are willing to receive guests, have designated a 3rd party space convenient to them (a walking-tour, local café, etc), or are able to get to Tlayudona´s office/workshop space to host an “experience” on time.
  • Non-discriminatory and willing to receive people with diverse genders, orientations, abilities, ages, cultures, nationalities, etc without judgment.
  • People with gender perspective, who value the contributions of women and their paid/unpaid work throughout Oaxaca´s economy and culture.

Tlayudona provides:

  • The chance to make money doing what you already know and love.
  • Promotional services via website, social media platforms, posters, and through local events.
  • The opportunity to participate in local events with multiple other hosts to promote your offers.
  • Help putting together your offers, and the chance to improve your professional organization.
  • The opportunity to explore all of your passions by offering several different “experiences” based on your unique profile as a host.
  • Scheduling flexibility, and creative control over your offerings.
  • The showcasing of one host and their work each month in our centrally-located office/workshop space (extra promotions, the ability to sell products on-site, extra income opportunities)
  • The chance to connect with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds

If you feel like you´re a good fit, please contact us via , putting “Host” in the subject line, or via phone or Whatsapp at +52 1 (951) 285- 2664. You can also stop by our Tlayudona space located in the beautiful cobblestone Jalatlaco neighborhood, on the same street as the historic temple.  If we´re unable to sit down with you at that time, we´ll be happy to set up another time and/or date to meet with you. At Tlayudona we´re constantly building community, and do everything in a personal manner to ensure a quality experience for all who are involved.