Day of the Dead Mezcal Tasting: Spirits distilled with the Flowers of the Dead

Join us at the picturesque local spot where Oaxaca’s most fantastically-curated mezcal collection resides: Rosita del Borracho. The brainchild of Samuel Velasco, this cozy bodega is the perfect place to usher in the spirits of muertos while sampling the floral essences of the season in mezcal form! Taste local artisan mezcal creations distilled specifically to … Read more

Mexico and its Mezcals: Taste Your Way Around the Country

“Rosita del Borracho is a place where time stands still and whispers in your ear, where your taste buds and your sense of smell fall in love. Tasting different mezcals from in and around Oaxaca and throughout the entire country of Mexico help you understand the work and legacy of nations, peoples, people, water, and … Read more