Cycles and Celebrations Drink Walk

Drink your way through the heart of Oaxaca. Support our local economy and four awesome women-owned businesses while experiencing Oaxaca’s best flavors! This experience will take you on a sensorial journey through four local food & drink shops and will bring you the best that Oaxaca has to offer in coffee, artisan beer, mezcal, and … Read more

Day of the Dead Engraving and Printmaking

Make your own linoleum engraving and prints (grabado) for this Day of the Dead season in Tlayudona. What better medium to explore the axis between the living and the dead, light and dark, and positive & negative space than the art of engraving & printmaking? Learn about this art form in the context of this … Read more

Not Your Average Art Walk

Oaxaca wouldn’t be… “Oaxaca” without its colorful murals, eye-catching graffiti, and thought-provoking protest art lining the streets. It’s one thing to admire the aesthetics of these public pieces. But,  Who is this art intended for? What are its objectives? What are some of the differences between private and public art? How do these displays represent social … Read more

Engraving Workshop with Ludwing

Make your own prints (grabado) in Tlayudona. You can’t go more than a block or two in the city center without recognizing how important printmaking is to the local community. It has been a pillar of the popular art movement in Oaxaca, and the aesthetic behind many forms of resistance. We are pleased to present … Read more