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Sep 10 - 11 2021



Hands on Dyeing and Weaving Workshop in Teotitl√°n (Two-Day Workshop)

Our dyeing host from Teotitl√°n, Do√Īa Josefina from the women¬īs collective, is hosting this two day hands-on workshop in which you will be able to dye a range of natural colors from organic pigments, and then weave your own small piece to take home.

Join us and the women¬īs weaving collective in Teotitl√°n del Valle, the village known for it¬īs use of natural dyes in the weaving of gorgeous ‚Äútapetes‚Ä̬†(rugs) and other linens. Las¬†Mujeres que Tejen¬†were the first group of women to organize in Teotitl√°n, so that their work could be collectivized and they¬īd have the opportunity to sell in a traditionally male-dominated marketplace. This enabled them to organize other tasks like childcare and cooking so that they could weave and also sell their own work. Many years later, their project is still in motion, although you can bear witness to a lot of changes in the village surrounding them.

During this immersion experience, Do√Īa Josefina is inviting us to her collective¬īs space for a talk about women¬īs experience in weaving, organizing, and breaking boundaries in a village known for its strict adherence to traditions as well as the hands-on opportunity to dye and create a piece of your own.

She will show us a bit about how natural colors are extracted and how their rugs are made. We¬īll learn about how cochineal reds, indigo blues, and marigold yellows are created, for example. Each of us can get a chance to get our hands into the mix, grinding ingredients by hand and bearing witness to the sheer strength that this work requires. The first day of the workshop will be dedicated to dyeing natural wool and other items with a range of plant and other organic pigments.

Do√Īa Josefina will also fill our bellies with a hearty typical brunch and lunch over the course of the day so that we have the energy to sustain our work.

The second day of the workshop will be dedicated to weaving techniques, and you will each be able to weave your own small piece to take home.

You are able to bring additional materials to experiment with during the dyeing and weaving processes, but they must be organic materials (cotton or wool, for example), as synthetic materials will not accept the dye.

Experience includes:

  • Transportation to and from Teotitl√°n (leaving from/returning to Tlayudona)
  • Spanish to English translation if necessary
  • All materials necessary to dye and weave your own piece (although you are permitted to bring additional materials to experiment with)
  • Personal instruction from Do√Īa Josefina and her family
  • Almuerzo (brunch) and Lunch (please advise us of any dietary restrictions in advance)
  • The opportunity to purchase rugs and other items directly from the women of the collective

Where: Teotitl√°n del Valle (Transportation leaves from Tlayudona at 8 am, 1321 B Morelos St, Colonia Centro)

Bring: Water bottles, extra organic/natural dyeing materials

Cost: 4,750 per person for two days (9 a.m.- 6 p.m. including almuerzo/brunch & comida/lunch).

This course can not be divided or purchased as a 1-day course.

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