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Dec 20 2021



Hands in Clay

After a year of oggling at the work created in Coatlicue´s studio, we finally started to get our hands into the clay. (We´ll spare you images of our first couple of attempts.) There are few things more satisfying and pure than creating art with earth.  That being said, we are excited to work with three generations of women in this studio to bring to you our new “Hands in Clay” experiences, where we´ll have the opportunity to do just that. Let´s learn about this ancestral practice and beautiful art form, followed by a chance to feel the earth between our fingers.

We´ll get to spend the day with our host family, who will lead us through the opportunity to create a ceramic piece of our own. We´ll take a chance to breathe and immerse ourselves in the intersection between tradition, utility, design, and art. We´ll also learn about the larger context of sustainability in which this practice has existed for thousands of years. And since we like to get to the heart of the matter, Doña Ana Maria and her daughter Ana will also talk to us about the personal and sociological implications of their work as women in their industry.

Experience Includes:

  • Transportation (Leaving from/returning to our new Tlayudona location, Bravo street #210, Colonia Centro)
  • Visit to Coatlicue´s studio in Atzompa
  • Talk given by Doña Ana Maria and/or her daughter, Ana
  • Personalized instruction on how to create a piece of pottery, catered to your level of experience
  • All materials necessary to create your piece
  • Typical Agua de Sabor or some seasonal fruits.
  • Translation from Spanish to English if/when necessary

Important Note:

Children – Are invited to participate at same cost due to materials.

There is a minimum of 3 people required to schedule this experience.

Depending on the size of the piece you create, it will most likely require 1-2 weeks to dry fully before being able to be fired. You are welcome to take your piece “as-is” (to be kept as a souvenir or fired for greater durability at a later point), or to leave your piece in the studio for the next firing. If you are still in Oaxaca 1-2 weeks later when the pieces have been fired, we can arrange to have your piece brought to Tlayudona for pick-up at that time.

Coatlicue can also arrange international shipping of your piece at an additional cost, but be aware that this service tends to be expensive. (If the pieces are fired prematurely, they will crack or even explode in the kiln.)

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