Experience the Sierra Norte

Experience the Sierra Norte This green daytrip was designed from the throes of our cabin fever in order to provide us all with a beautiful experience in the pine forest.  You will experience: What to Expect Step One: Read our Covid Protocol. If you agree with these terms and practices, write to us and request this experience, … Read more

Open Air Dyeing and Weaving with Doña Josefina

Hands-on Dyeing and Weaving Intensive Workshop Our dyeing host from Teotitlán, Doña Josefina from the women´s collective, is hosting this multiple day hands-on workshop in which you will be able to dye a range of natural colors from organic pigments, and then weave your own small piece to take home. We can arrange this experience … Read more

A Morning With the Women’s Weaving Collective

Josefina and Women in Weaving Join us for a morning with the women´s weaving collective in Teotitlán del Valle, the village known for it´s use of natural dyes in the weaving of gorgeous “tapetes” (rugs) and other linens. Las Mujeres que Tejen were the first group of women to organize in Teotitlán, so that their … Read more

Hands in Clay: Black Pottery

Hands in Clay: Black Pottery Enjoy this new clay experience based in San Bartolo Coyotepec where you will learn the ancestral technique of working with the black clay that is typical of the region. Sandra will take us step by step through the process of making black clay pieces, and you will explore your creativity … Read more

Hands in Clay: Atzompa

Hands in Clay There are few things more satisfying and pure than creating art with earth. That being said, we are excited to work with three generations of women in this studio to bring to you our new “Hands in Clay” experiences, where we´ll have the opportunity to… get our hands into the clay! Let´s … Read more

Alebrijes: Paint and Sip

Alebrijes: Paint and Sip This is our original alebrije-painting experience, featuring our favorite dynamic alebrije family from the village of Tilcajete, where this artisan tradition has been handed down for several generations. Join us in learning about the history and culture of this iconic colorful art form. Alex, our fourth generation alebrije artist, will walk … Read more

Alebrijes: Mystical Art, History, Culture And Practice

Alebrijes: Mystical Art, History, Culture And Practice If you have experienced alebrijes with us in the past, this is the same format as our original alebrije-painting experience, which many guests return to time and time again. We have moved this experience out to Tilcajete though, so that you can learn about this artform from our … Read more