Quesillo-Making in Etla

Everyone say “Cheese” For this experience, we are journeying out to Etla to see our favorite vendors from the Pochote Progreso Organic Market, Andrea and Noé.  On their farm nestled into the valley of Etla, they utilize their neighbor´s cow milk to make their own quesillo, queso fresco, and requesón. Apart from that, Andrea is a shining … Read more

Make Oaxaca’s Iconic Moles

Oaxaca’s Many Moles These wonders of the (Oaxacan) world are packed into one fabulous culinary experience with Andrea, our favorite chef and vendor from the Pochote Organic Market. The moles (or Oaxacan sauces) are the most typically-recognized flavors in Oaxaca, although there are infinite variations. Each one is a labor of love, boasting a myriad of … Read more

Quesillo-Making in the New Pochote Market

Let’s make quesillo with our favorite Oaxacan chef and cheesemaker, Doña Andrea, in the Pochote Progreso market! The new Pochote Progreso market is a country-style gem of an atmosphere where you will learn to make quesillo amongst plants and wooden stands filled with organic foods and local products. What more?– It’s located conveniently in the … Read more