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Jan 09 2024


10:00 - 14:30



Quesillo-Making in Etla

Everyone say “Cheese”

For this experience, we are journeying out to Etla to see our favorite vendors from the Pochote Progreso Organic Market, Andrea and Noé.  On their farm nestled into the valley of Etla, they utilize their neighbor´s cow milk to make their own quesillo, queso fresco, and requesón.

Apart from that, Andrea is a shining star in the kitchen, and makes such an array of delectable things that you’ll inevitably leave their home stuffed to to the brim with delicious local flavors.

Once you have made your ball of quesillo to take with you, you’ll venture onward with our team on a local outing in Etla. Depending on the day and what’s open, you’ll either stop at a nearby rural market or to the CASA museum to catch the temporary exhibit. Either way, you’ll get a bit more of a panoramic look at the village before heading back to Oaxaca.

What the Day Entails

We will head out from Tlayudona around 10  and arrive in Etla by 11 a.m. We will get to learn about rural life in Etla, and what it requires to turn the free-range eggs, milk, and other ingredients their farm produces into a delicious meal.

In this particular experience, we´ll be focusing on producing the local favourite: handmade quesillo. We´ll transform the milk from next door (literally) into the delicious stringy cheese that Oaxaca is so famous for.

At some point we´ll get hungry, and we´ll be able to feast down on a delicious homemade breakfast of seasonal fruit, atole, and either tamales/chilaquiles/memelitas, depending on what´s on hand. Regardless of the menu of the day, Andrea´s food never disappoints.

You´ll get to take home your quesillo as a souvenir to remind you of this delicious day trip.

You’ll see an additional attraction in Etla. If it’s a good market day, we’ll stop at a local rural market. If the weather isn’t holding up or there’s a great temporary expo at the village’s gorgeous museum, we’ll stop there instead. Either way, you’ll get to see some village sites before heading back to the city.

For this experience, we require a minimum of three people.


  • Instruction on how to make quesillo.
  • A taste to take home.
  • Brunch/Almuerzo
  • Round trip transportation leaving from/returning to Tlayudona (210 C, M. Bravo St, Colonia Centro)
  • An additional excursion in Etla
  • Experience Timeframe: 10:00 a.m.- 2:30 p.m.
  • Language: Spanish (English translation included if/when necessary)

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