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Oct 18 2021



Celebrating our Ancestors with Altars and Mezcal

Join us in Tlayudona’s great new centric space to celebrate our ancestors through the creation of a Day of the Dead altar and mezcal tasting.

Our host, will greet you in Tlayudona and you’ll head to one of Oaxaca’s smaller local markets, in which you’ll be guided through purchasing the components of a traditional Day of the Dead altar. There at the market you can catch the scents of the season in the air–copal incense, marigolds, chocolate, and freshly-baked bread, amongst others! You will taste some seasonal delights, and learn about their significance on Oaxacan altars.

You’ll return to Tlayudona with your purchases to construct an altar together. Feel free to bring photos or other relics to place on the altar. Since mezcal is such a prominent part of Oaxaca’s life (and death) cycles, our host will also walk you through a tasting of 3 mezcals from various regions of the state as you contribute to the creation of our altar.

This is a creative, informative, and even spiritual experience that will open your eyes to looking at death in a different way.

Experience includes:

  • Explanation about muertos
  • Market trip, where you will taste some local favorites
  • Purchases of items that will be incorporated into Tlayudona’s altar
  • Mezcal talk and tasting of 3 varieties from various regions of Oaxaca
  • English/Spanish translation
  • Altar creating experience

Does not include: Extra market purchases you’d like to take home

Minimum: 3 people

Maximum: 6 people

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