Intellectual & Academic Experiences

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Tlayudona has worked with various academic institutions from around the world to plan everything from single-day group experiences to full residency-abroad programs. Contact us directly to find out more and see if we are compatible for a lasting partnership!

Food Sovereignty: Oaxacan Corn

Corn is the staple ingredient that the rest of Oaxaca´s diet revolves around. Join us in this exploration of its importance, its vast biological diversity, and its cultural significance in Oaxaca in our collaboration with Xub Maíz. During this theory-turned-practice experience, you will receive an introduction to the instrumental role that corn has played in Mexican and specifically Oaxacan history, followed by a talk regarding the changes this market has recently endured. Our hosts will explain their drive behind protecting local corn varieties and organizing small-time producers so that cultivating these native crops can be more economically-viable and sustainable …

Hidden Gems of Oaxaca: Architectural Stroll

This experience is led by the architect and restoration specialist Flor Cantón. We’ll be discovering the footprints left by Oaxaca’s fascinating history as we take a walk from the beautiful cobblestone streets of Jalatlaco to the city’s center.  This tour delves into an exploration of often-overlooked or seemingly “hidden” gems throughout the two neighborhoods.

Socio-cultural Highlights: Josefina and Women in Weaving

We figured a nice round-table chat with one of our most enigmatic hosts is a wonderful way to engage with one of the narratives that compose Oaxaca’s rich cultural landscape. Doña Josefina has designed this experience for those of you who are interested in anthropology, sociology, culture, and/or women’s rights & narratives accordingly.