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Dec 30 2020



Roast Your Own Coffee for the Holidays

What better way to enjoy holiday travel than in the midst of great company and the aroma of freshly-roasted coffee beans?

Join us for this opportunity to roast coffee hands-on with Kate from Cafébre, and to come away from this once in a lifetime experience with two bags of specialty coffee–one for you and one to gift to someone you love (or maybe also yourself)!

The holy grail of coffee courses, we will be delving into “Coffee Roasting Chemistry 101” and the amazing juncture between the art of roasting coffee and the science behind the process. We´ll conduct ample tastings while looking over the SCAA flavour wheel, so make sure to arrive with your belly full and ready to receive an abundance of amazing coffee! We´ll briefly analyze green coffee beans in order to identify common defects and attributes, and for the rest of the class, we´ll be roasting.

Due to the nature of this experience, it cannot be carried out in an open-air environment, but Cafébre is committed to following our Covid Protocol. This course will be private for your group of 1-4 and will require the use of masks at all times unless while tasting coffee.

What to Expect

You´ll select unroasted beans from our premium selection of Oaxacan specialty coffee and, after learning to roast hands-on, will get to roast your own coffee by yourself (with guided instruction and an on-hand fire extinguisher, of course)! The glorious moment when you decide your batch is roasted to perfection and pull the lever is all yours. You will be able to take home two heaping 450 g bag of coffee from your roasting session.

There will be an emphasis on the importance of highest-grade, specialty coffee. This course will be contextualized in Oaxaca, with an emphasis on its surrounding pueblos and local producers. To us at Tlayudona and Cafébre, conscious and mutually-beneficial relationships with local producers and community members are of the utmost importance.

Experience Includes

  • TWO 450 g bags of highest-quality specialty Oaxacan coffee scouted out and chosen specifically by Cafébre to reflect their commitment to specialty-grade quality and to stimulating the local market
  • Cafébre´s artisan hand-printed bags in which to bag up your goods
  • Instruction by some of Oaxaca´s most dedicated young professionals in the coffee scene
  • An introduction to quality and specialty coffee, the flavour wheel, defects and attributes commonly found in coffee
  • An analysis of green coffee
  • An introduction on how to cup coffee in order to highlight quality and consistency or to weed out defects
  • An overview of the instrumental scientific processes and curves behind a good roast
  • Discussion regarding personal taste and the subjective, artistic element of roasting
  • The climactic moment of truth, when you decide your coffee is roasted to perfection and pull the lever accordingly
  • The best caffeine buzz in Oaxaca, in Cafébre´s cozy, boho-chic, Oaxaca de Juárez downtown location
  • Snacks and a great time
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