Jan 04 2022



Quesillo-Making in the New Pochote Market

Let’s make quesillo with our favorite Oaxacan chef and cheesemaker, Doña Andrea, in the Pochote Progreso market! The new Pochote Progreso market is a country-style gem of an atmosphere where you will learn to make quesillo amongst plants and wooden stands filled with organic foods and local products. What more?– It’s located conveniently in the heart of Oaxaca, right in the city center!

Doña Andrea is welcoming us to her new space to walk us through the process of quesillo-making, start to finish. While the milk is curdling, she’ll serve us a delicious breakfast from her market stand. All of the ingredients are local, organic, and all of the dairy is made by Andrea herself, from quesillo and queso fresco to fresh yogurt and butter!

In addition to our quesillo-making experience, we are celebrating the holidays by adding a nieve-making (basically a traditional Oaxacan Italian-icelike dessert) component to our workshop, so you will essentially get two workshops for the price of one! You will learn to make two flavors of nieve, which will double as our dessert following our scrumptious brunch!

What the Day Entails

We will meet at the Pochote Progreso market at 10 a.m.

In this particular experience, we´ll be focusing on producing the local favourite: handmade quesillo. We´ll transform the milk from Andrea’s neighbors’ cows into the delicious stringy cheese that Oaxaca is so famous for.

At some point we´ll get hungry, and we´ll be able to feast down on a delicious homemade breakfast.  Regardless of the menu of the day, Andrea´s food never disappoints.

As a bonus, we are adding a nieve-making component to this experience, and you’ll emerge having created and eaten two delicious flavors of nieve!

You´ll get to take home your quesillo as a souvenir to remind you of this delicious day trip.


  • Instruction on how to make quesillo and nieve.
  • A taste to take home.
  • Brunch/Almuerzo
  • Experience Timeframe: 10-12:30
  • Language: Spanish (English translation included if/when necessary)
  • Transportation not required. Event located in Oaxaca’s city center at Pochote Progreso at the following address:
    • Progreso 104, RUTA INDEPENDENCIA, Luis Jimenez Figueroa

Cost: 1,500 MXN per person. If you sign up 3 or more people, you get a discounted rate of 1,200 MXN per person

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