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Sep 16 2018



Market Trip with Doña Raquel

This experience was designed by one of our star hosts, Doña Raquel, with the requests of her visitors in mind… the folks coming to her cooking experiences consistently wanted to know more about the ingredients she uses. The result of that reflection is this market trip, in which Raquel will accompany you to the Abastos market to all of her favorite vendors, where you´ll be able to learn about the various Mexican chiles, herbs, and spices that are fundamental in the local cuisine.

You will meet at Doña Raquel´s home, where you´ll have some traditional chocolate to drink, and a hearty bread to start your day. From there you´ll head to the market together using public transportation. Raquel will you take you to her favorite vendors, who know you´re coming and will allow for photos/notes to be taken of their ingredients accordingly (which could otherwise cause some skepticism).

Raquel will teach you what the ingredients are used for, and she´ll assist you in picking out some of the best ones to prepare two distinct salsas back at the house. (You are welcome to bring additional money to purchase ingredients for personal use.)

Once you´re done at the market, you´ll head back to Raquel´s home where you´ll learn to prepare two traditional salsas with the ingredients you chose. The whole experience will culminate into a lunchtime feast with Raquel and her family. There are no words to aptly describe the warmth, hospitality, and the breadth of flavors in Raquel´s experiences.

As part of this market trip experience, Raquel has taken the time to hand-create a unique bag, apron, and recipe booklet for each of her guests. This is just one of the reasons we love her!

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