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Sep 12 2021



Learn to Embroider Istmo-Style

Rocío is a vibrant Oaxacan handcraft clothing workshop owner, and her project is called Pacha Nantli (from Quechua “pacha ” which means earth and from
Nahuatl “Nantli” which means mother). Like many women in Oaxaca, she learned the art of embroidery when she was very young. Over the course of her career she has had the opportunity to travel to other Latin American countries, and through teaching embroidery to local women she has left a legacy of contributing to those communities. Now she is back in Oaxaca and ready to share this intricate art form with visitors.

In this experience, you can learn one of the two embroidery techniques from the Istmo, either “aguja chica” (small hook), or hook/chain embroidery, both of which are popular in “tehuana” dress (pictured below). This embroidery is usually done on lush fabric such as velvet or satin, with cotton or silk threads. The clothing that boasts these techniques is well-known for its elegant style, the notable amount of time and creative work behind its creation, and its roots stemming from the cultural interplay between indigenous communities and the colonization that took place in Mexico.

In this experience you can either embroider directly on a piece of clothing that you provide, or you can begin by embroidering a flowered patch that you can later attach to the fabric of your choice. As a third option, you can embroider fabric that Rocio can later convert into a fashionable piece of clothing tailored specifically for you (at an additional cost). The sky is the limit with your creative process and Rocio’s honed tailoring abilities!

This experience follows our Covid Protocol. Please make sure to go over our protocol and to only reserve the experience if you’re in complete agreement with the terms. We are working hard to keep everyone in our community safe, from our visitors to our translators and hosts, to family members and other people on-site at our experiences. Rocio’s workshop consists of three walls, with the front open to the street.


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