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Jun 13 2022



Experience the Sierra Norte

This experience utilizes our Covid Protocol. Please make sure to go over our protocol and to only reserve an experience if you´re in complete agreement with the terms. We are working hard to keep everyone in our community safe, from our visitors to our translators and hosts, to family members and other people on-site at our experiences. This requires that we all work together in community!

This multi-stop daytrip was designed from the throes of our cabin fever in order to provide us all with a beautiful day in the pine forest. Some of the stops are known gems of the region, and others are Tlayudona-style collaborations with local women to create something new and memorable.

This is an experimental journey for us, as it integrates a taste of several experiences in one. We will be offering the more elaborate versions of each of the 2 stops encapsulated in this trip as full hands-on experiences soon! Laura, our sierra-born host will guide you on your visit to:

  • A historic molinillo workshop (pictured here) where you will learn how these wooden marvels that froth your chocolate to perfection are created. And they won´t let us leave without a tasting of locally-baked bread and a quintessenttial hot chocolate!
  • A workshop and picturesque restaurant where local jams, preserves, and other delicacies are made from regional and seasonal ingredients. You´ll get a delicious brunch typical of the sierra there!
  • A local trout farm where our partnering host Lucia will teach you how to make a unique souvenir out of the pine needles you collect on the way. She was raised in the sierra with tradition of weaving the needles into useful art.

Transportation provided from/to Tlayudona at M. Bravo 210 C (Inside the Plaza San Cristóbal)

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