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Oct 30 2019



Day of the Dead Stroll & Workshop in Ocotlán with Flor Cantón

This Día de los Muertos experience with renowned architect and restoration specialist Flor Cantón is an exploration of the village of Ocotlán de Morelos dedicated to this special time of year. Over the last few years, Oaxaca´s city center has been growing increasingly crowded during the Day of the Dead season, so we are excited to step out of the activity hub to experience the traditional movement of Ocotlán as they prepare for one of the year´s most important festivities.

Flor will be guiding us through the iconic streets of Ocotlán, which will be bustling with Day of the Dead activity, We will visit the market, which will be filled with marigolds, incense, and other sensorial delights specific to this season.

Flor will talk to us about the historical, anthropological, and architectural history of the village of Ocotlán as we get to know the town´s most notable buildings and sites.

This trip will delve into the extensive socio-cultural history and architectural background of Ocotlán´s temple, market, and central square. Flor has a wealth of knowledge from her academic fields about the region, peppered with anecdotes and her own fascinating personal experiences.

Our Ocotlán architectural stroll will take place amongst friends! Flor will take us to have brunch with her friend “Frida” at the market, as well as to Ocotlán´s most renowned artisan hat maker, who will teach us the art and technique behind his craft.

These trips offer an excellent opportunity to dig a bit deeper into the rich, complex history of Oaxaca and its architecture. The church in Ocotlán is a quintessential example of the multi-faceted, dark, and dynamic stories that structures and walls can tell.  With new architectural and historical knowledge of the region, you´ll also be able to see the market, modern-day artisans, and the deep culture that surrounds you with new perspective.

We will also take a look at the art of Ocotlan´s iconic painter, Rodolfo Morales, because an Ocotlán trip would not be complete without a closer examination of his art and the instrumental role it has played in the community. *

Then we have something extra special in store for you. One of the town´s most renowned artisan families is preparing traditional ceramic pieces for us to paint for our Day of the Dead alters or as general memorabilia from our Ocotlán experience. They´re welcoming us into their homes for this lovely opportunity to share in their unique familial art form and have invited us for lunch to celebrate this festive holiday.

*Rumor has it that the museum is temporarily closed, so we our time in & around the museum will depend on availability.


Meet: At Tlayudona, 1321 B Morelos Street Centro Histórico at 8:30 a.m. We will have coffee brewing, and will leave no later than 9 a.m., so please be on time or you will risk not making the trip.

Time Frame: 8:30 a.m. – approximately 6:00 p.m.


  • Round-trip transportation (size of vehicle will depend on number of participants)
  • A guided journey around Ocotlán by our host and professional architect/restoration specialist Flor
  • A stroll through the museum of Rodolfo Morales (Depending on availability)
  • A trip to Ocotlán´s traditional market to stroll through the flowers and other items specific to Día de Muertos
  • A stop with Ocotlán´s own “Frida” and the breakfast/brunch of your choice
  • An artisanal experience with a well-known local hat-maker
  • A complete workshop with a renowned family of ceramic makers/painters from the village
  • Everything required to paint your traditional ceramic piece (including the ceramic piece of your choice)
  • Lunch with our artisan hosts

Please Bring:

  • Hat/ Sunscreen
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Water
  • Pen/notebook if you´re a note-taker
  • Optional pesos if you want to purchase anything extra at the market

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions: tlayudona@gmail.com

Language: This experience will be offered in Spanish and translated into English if/when necessary.

Children ages 10+ are welcome to attend this experience. (If you are a family with smaller children who would like to attend, feel free to contact us to see about scheduling an additional date.)

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