Oct 31 2022



Day of the Dead Market Trip and Altar Building in San Bartolo

Day of the Dead is such a precious time in Oaxaca, and this experience has been designed to live its beauty and significance in the most profound way possible… family style.

Doña Sandra will begin the day as she likes to begin each experience with Tlayudona—With a grand Oaxacan welcoming, complete with hot chocolate and locally-baked bread.

Once your tummies are fill and your eyes are wider, you´ll head to a local market with Doña Sandra to purchase items that will be transformed into an altar for her family. You´ll see the beauty in the familial nature of this tradition, and the variation that exists amongst homes when it comes to their altars. Different regions have different styles, and families add their own flare to their celebrations as well.

You´ll venture back to Sandra´s house where you will help her construct her familial altar for this muertos season. You´ll get to feel the essence of this time of year, and to break out of the tourist threshold into an authentic family setting.

Our host will fill your belly with the best typical foods that are prominent during this time of year. And don´t forget the mezcal… Oh, the mezcal!

Your experience will include:

  • Round-trip transportation from/to Tlayudona (210C  on M. Bravo Street, inside the Plaza San Cristobal)
  • Breakfast
  • Your market trip with Sandra
  • Purchases at the market for the altar
  • A delicious homemade lunch prepared by Doña Sandra
  • The opportunity to build a Day of the Dead altar, family style
  • Complimentary mezcal(es)
  • Spanish/English translation (if/when necessary)

Does not include:

Extra purchases you´d like to make at the market to take home

*Minimum amount of people required: 3 people

*Maximum: 6 people

Discounted rate for the three or more people who sign up together!

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