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Oct 26 2023


10:00 - 16:00



Cooking in the Campo: Day of the Dead

Celebrate the Day of the Dead season by learning to make traditional Oaxacan dishes used as offerings on familial altars. Call your loved ones over from the other side with the rich aromas of mole tamales and the sweet scent of hot chocolate!

Here’s the perfect opportunity to not only taste these Oaxacan delicacies but to make them from scratch on a local farm in a quaint outdoor kitchen built with proceeds from our workshops! What more? We will get to incorporate ingredients from the harvest of Juana’s sustenance farm!

Your mole negro tamale experience will include the following:

  • Round-trip transportation from/to Tlayudona in the center (M. Bravo St. #210C)
  • Spanish/English translation if wanted/needed
  • The opportunity to learn from milpa master, Doña Juana
  • Freshly-made tortillas and salsa made from Juana’s home-grown ingredients to snack on while you prepare your tamalels
  • Guidance preparing the chiles for the mole and practice using a grinding stone
  • A trip to the local mill to grind the rest of the ingredients
  • Start-to-finish mole tamale preparation
  • A delicious mole tamale lunch (or mole and vegetable medley for vegetarians)
  • The opportunity to grind, mix, and drink homemade Oaxacan hot chocolate
  • Complimentary mezcal
  • Tamales to take with you for your altar

This is a culinary experience, so we need to know of your food preferences and allergies in advance. Since this a group course, vegetarians can sign-up and your veg-friendly mole will be prepared separately, but chicken stock will not be omitted from the rest of the experience unless the entire group is vegetarian.

Minimum: 2 people.

Discounted rate: When signing up 3 or more people, pay 2,170 MXN per person.