A Message From Alex, Our Alebrije Host

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About teaching the art of alebrije-painting…

(Español abajo)

Yesterday in response to the most recent album of “Pintando-Ando: Alebrijes/ Paint and Sip: Alebrije” photos posted on social media, our alebrije-painting host, Alex, published the following post.  It made me so grateful for the opportunity to do something I love, in a way that honors and respects the tremendous scope and diversity of Oaxacan culture.  For that reason I wanted to include it here, as well as say “Thank You” from Tlayudona to Alex and the rest of our collaborators.  Without our amazing, dynamic hosts offering the best of themselves, their interests, and talents to our project, we would be left with an empty shell of an idea… Our hosts really are the heart and soul of this project, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with them during upcoming years. Without further adieu, here is a message from Alex, our alebrije-host from Tilcajete:

A message from Alex…

“I enjoy what I do—an activity with which I grew up and inherited from my parents. When you create an alebrije or woodcarving, you learn many things:

-If you´re not resolved with the colors you choose, it´s reflected in your work. (You need to put forth the best “colors” in your life.)











-And sales

Since I was 5, I´ve done this activity, and I´ve formed myself within my profession as an engineer using this same foundation. I am able to enjoy my life and give the best parts of my knowledge thanks to my parents, who have taught me so much. Thanks to my siblings and friends who accompany me as well.

I´m proud to be from Oaxaca, and even moreso to be from San Martín Tilcajete.

Engineer and Artisan,”



“Disfruto lo que hago, una actividad con la cual yo crecí y me heredaron mis padres, al realizar un alebrije o tallado de madera aprendes muchas cosas
*Si no estás de buenas en los colores se refleja
(Dale los mejores colores a tu vida)
*Trabajo en equipo
Y saber vender

Desde los 5 años vengo haciendo esta actividad y me ha formado en mi profesión como ingeniero teniendo estás bases, puedo disfrutar de la vida y dar de mi lo bueno que yo sé hacer. muchas gracias a mis padres que me han enseñado muchisimo mis hermanos y amigos que están conmigo gracias

Estoy orgulloso de ser oaxaqueño y más orgulloso ser de San Martín tilcajete

Ingeniero y Artesano”

Check out our events calendar here to see when our next alebrije experience is scheduled, or contact us to arrange your personalized experience.

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