2020 Births New Alebrije Experiences: Here’s the Guide

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Alebrijes Abound

Our very first experience as “Tlayudona” was with our alebrije-painting host, Alex, from Tilcajete. We continue to work with him, and have grown to include experiences given by his mom and sister as well, each of whom bring their own special technique and personal charm to their work. Together with the Velasco Sosa family, we have received visitors from all over the world. We have had grandparents and grandchildren painting side by side, we have hosted ample groups of friends, families, and lovers. We´ve provided an opportunity for creatives to get their “art” on, and we´ve also “discovered” artistic talent where visitors didn´t even know it existed. All in all, our journey with our alebrijeros has been fruitful, interesting, and best of all: FUN!

For this new year, we´re dividing our alebrije experience into three, based on patterns in our demographic over the past few years (its the inner-sociology nerd, we know…):

1. Alebrijes: Mystical Art, History, Culture and Practice

This is our tried-and-true alebrije experience. It includes an hour-long presentation about the culture and history of this artform. It´s longer, more intricate, and a deeper dive into the world of alebrijes. It includes cookies, coffee, mezcal, and a rockin´slideshow.

   Who´s it for? 

People who are new to Oaxaca and alebrijes and want the whole scoop. People who like to take notes, or remember pertinent historical details that led up to the experiences they´re currently having. People with the time and desire to delve a bit deeper. Larger groups, organizations, or families that want to revel in the group experience. (5 or more)

2. Paint and Sip: Alebrijes

Not to be confused with our formerly-named “Paint and Sip” experience, this is our new, “light” version of our alebrije painting experience. You still get all the time you need to paint your masterpiece, but instead of a full-on presentation, you hear anecdotes along the way.

   Who´s it for? 

People who have already been to our traditional experience and just want to paint another piece. Travelers without the time available to allocate to a full presentation (or people who simply value the “hands-on” part of an experience more than the background information). Smaller groups or couples whose travel dates don´t coincide with our traditional experience.

3. Paint and Sip: Alebrijes for Families

The same as the “Paint and Sip” experience above, but geared toward kids and families. Our alebrije hosts have requested that parents and children paint together, rather than this being a “drop-off” situation, so we have accommodated their request with this experience. We want you and your kids to have the best experience possible, so we are catering this one specifically for you. That way we can slow down when needed, or (sometimes more importantly) speed up when needed. What´s more? We´re offering a discount for child/adult pairs that come to paint together!

    Who´s it for? 

Kids and families (ages 4 and up recommended, although we can accommodate younger kids if you think you´re up to the task).

We hope this helps delineate our new offerings in the world of alebrijes. We are looking forward to receiving you at one or more of the aforementioned experiences!

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