Women’s Travel 2

women’s travel

Tlayudona is composed of an all-women core team and a network of predominantly women hosts, so it´s only natural that we create great experiences for women travelers.

Our founder is a sociologist who focused on gender and feminism during her career in academia, so while we respect diverse ways of seeing the world, we maintain a strict attention toward women’s experiences.

What sets us apart?

The world has its eye on women and our rights recently, which means that many businesses have picked up the buzzwords and market directly to women. How are we any different?

Tlayudona was founded on gendered principles. What does this mean, exactly? We were watching how narratives were conveyed in the tourism industry in Oaxaca (and around the world), and the stories being told were almost always by men. Men teaching us about their own cultural roles, but also men regailing us with women’s stories. Meanwhile, women are generally bustling away in the background doing all of the hard jobs that a touristic experience requires. We wanted to change that, and our commitment to showcasing and empowering women is part of each step of our project’s design.


women-owned women-led

Our all-women core team knows what it’s like to travel. That’s just another reason why it’s so important to us that we can ensure a safe, comfortable, and engaging experience for your group of women travelers!