Mezcal Immersion


Immerse Yourself in the World of Mezcal for a Day

This experience continues with our “Women in Mezcal” host, Sosima, and takes you all the way to Sola de Vega for a day.  We´ll take off from Tlayudona and embark on a beautiful adventure into the countryside. We´ll stop on our way to grab some brunch, and we´ll even take some Oaxacan coffee with us for the road.

You´ll know we’ve reached our destination when the paved roads start to give way to dirt paths and we begin to see more donkeys and bulls than cars.  There we’ll spend our morning in an artisanal palenque nestled amongst fields of agaves and other regional plants.

This is where you´ll learn about the entire mezcal-production process, from the plant to the bottle. Depending on your energy levels, you´ll be able to go out into the field and help harvest an agave plant and see all of the work that this entails. You´ll be walked through the various steps of the distillation process, all of which happen on site.

For lunch we´ll head down to Sola de Vega´s village center, where Doña Verónica will prepare us a delicious lunch typical of the region, with an appetizer, a main course, and a refreshing “agua de sabor”. (Talk to us about vegetarian options or any other specific food-related requirements. Doña Vero is happy to accommodate them with advanced notice.)

Her restaurant is located in one of the pueblo´s original colonial houses and retains its charm and history.

After lunch, we´ll head back up the hill to the palenque to learn some more about mezcal. Our host, Sósima, comes from several generations of mezcal-producers and is a prominent figure in the local scene, with a wealth of information and an enlightening perspective regarding gender, community, and other dynamic layers of what lies beneath the surface of mezcal production.

Foto: Ciro Rodríguez Pérez

We´ll head back leisurely to Oaxaca´s centro, where the experience will culminate in a visit to the “bodega”, where the cooperative that Sósima belongs to stores many of their mezcal varieties for distribution. There you´ll be able to sample mezcal distilled from different types of agave. Don´t be surpised if you start drawing connections between the agave varieties you spotted earlier in the day and the nuanced mezcal flavors they create during the distillation process.

The Logistics


Meet-up at Tlayudona, #100 Hidalgo, Barrio Jalatlaco. We will travel to Sola de Vega in an air-conditioned vehicle (2.5 hours). Experience will end in Oaxaca Centro in the evening.

Time Frame: Full-Day

We will arrange to leave at 9 a.m. from Tlayudona, and will return in the evening, at approximately 7:30 p.m. (*Due to traffic and other unknown factors, we do not have a precise return time.)

Experience includes:

  • Transportation to and from Sola de Vega in an air-conditioned vehicle
  • Breakfast/Brunch: Regional memelitas, coffee, water.
  • A tour of the agave fields and the palenque in Sola de Vega
  • Homemade lunch, typical of the region, made by Doña Veronica
  • An in-depth explanation of the processes involved in mezcal production, from plant to bottle
  • Mezcal samples on-site at the Palenque
  • A discussion of emerging trends in the mezcal industry, the local and global mezcal marketplace, etc.
  • A panoramic mezcal tasting at the “bodega” in Oaxaca´s centro of 3 varieties of mezcal

This experience will be given in Spanish and can be translated into English when necessary.

Cost: MXN per person

Minimum amount of participants required to schedule this experience: 8

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