Cooking in the Campo with Doña Juana: Make Nicuatole


Doña Juana is collaborating with Tlayudona to bring the newest in a series of corn-based cooking experiences, the chance to make nicuatole under open skies in her outdoor kitchen. Juana´s family lives on a beautiful piece of land about 20 minutes outside of Oaxaca city, in San Agustín Yatareni. There here family plants/harvests their milpa (corn, beans, and squash planted intermittently) and lives off of a mainly corn-based diet. We have been collaborating with her for a while with food-based experiences, as her family´s property is the perfect place to learn to cook with corn–you can sense the precious nature of the plant in all of its cycles.


Nicuatole is a traditional Oaxacan dessert often sold on the street or in the markets of the city by small vendors.  Visitors often confuse it with cheese until they´re offered a taste. It´s naturally-gelatinous and sweet, and can be made in different flavors and with different types of corn.  Here´s the cool thing though– the starch that gives it its gelatin-y texture is all corn- so it´s vegan. And natural. And great…. And did I mention that we´re going to make it using the corn from Juana´s last harvest on the same site where it was grown?

Juana is going to teach us how to make the milk and coconut varieties during this experience.


  • A tour of Doña Juana´s property, during which she and her husband will explain the importance of the “milpa” (corn/beans/squash planting) and show the stages of the milpa´s growth, depending on the season.
  • Personalized instruction regarding how to make two locally-renowned types of nicuatole.
  • A break for brunch: Savory memelitas and fresh “agua de sabor” made from seasonal fruit from their property.
  • The opportunity to cook your nicuatole over an open stove in great company.
  • A chance to escape the urbanity of Oaxaca and experience village life.
  • Two types (milk and coconut flavors) of nicuatole to take home.

This experience is hosted in Spanish and can be translated into English.

It is hosted from approximately 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., which includes a snack break. Duration: 3-4 hours in total. (Keep in mind that Oaxacan time is different than the way we conceive of time in some other parts of the world.)

It takes place in Yatareni, a 20 minute drive/ride from Oaxaca City.

Children are welcome to participate in this experience, although they are the responsibility of their accompanying adults. This experience involves cooking over and open flame, although the cooking area is secluded from the tamal-preparation and dining area. This host family has four children for your children to play with (so guests who do not appreciate children are encouraged to reserve an alternate experience).

Bathroom facilities are available, though rustic (outhouse style). If you´re picky in that respect, we suggest you go beforehand or check out one of our more centrally-located experiences in Oaxaca City.


1,040 MXN per person.

Children 6 and up cost 600 MXN per person.

Children 5 and under can participate for free.

Minimum amout of people required to book: 2

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