Mezcal Experiences

Mezcal Immersion: Miahuatlán

We will arrive at this family-run, authentic palenque at approximately 10:30 a.m., where the maestro distiller and his wife will receive us with an almuerzo/typical Mexican-style brunch. Then they will walk us through the distillation process, from start to finish, taking us on a sensorial journey from plant to bottle. Their magueys will be in various stages of the distillation process, so you will get to experience this process in real time. This particular maestro has become a coveted distiller and exports to several upcoming brands internationally.

Mezcal Immersion: Sola de Vega

This experience is a collaboration with Fanekantsini and our “Women in Mezcal” host, Sósima, and takes you all the way to Sola de Vega for a day.  We´ll take off from Tlayudona and embark on a beautiful adventure into the countryside. We´ll make sure to coffee-up at Tlayudona to hold us over until we get a solid breakfast on the way to the village of San Francisco Sola.

Mezcal Talk and Tasting

Whether you´re a connoisseur or a novice in the mezcal scene, this experience will deepen your understanding of this glorious plant and the culture that has sprung forth through its distillation. Join us for this sensory delight, and take advantage of this opportunity to purchase mezcal directly from a master distiller.