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Sep 16 2018


8:00 am - 4:00 pm



Make Mole Negro with Doña Raquel

Doña Raquel is a gem, with years of familial, personal, and professional experience preparing Oaxaca´s regional cuisine.  In this experience, she will guide you through each step of the journey of mole-making, from ingredient selection at Oaxaca´s iconic Abastos Market to the culmination of one the state´s most recognizable dishes.

Your Day

You´ll begin your day at 8 a.m. at Raquel´s lovely home, where she´ll give you a brief introduction to the workshop itinerary and explain the trajectory, over a delicious cup of hot chocolate accompanied by freshly-baked bread, of course.

You´ll  venture to the “Mercado de Abastos” with Raquel via municipal transportation to get a taste of what daily commerce looks like for many Oaxacans. This market is a major hub in the city, but it´s location outside of the city center makes it less accessible to visitors. Amongst the bustle of the market, Raquel will teach you how to pick the best ingredients for your mole. You´ll get to learn about the various types of chiles, and how to get the most out of your market purchases by making sure that each and every ingredient is ideal. The opportunity to visit this vast market with some one who knows her away around is an experience in itself!

Upon returning to Raquel´s home, you´ll begin preparing the chiles and toasting each ingredient over a carbon fire. Then you´ll venture over to the local mill, where Raquel will explain the process as they grind your ingredients.

You´ll return once again to the house, where you´ll transform the concoction you received from the mill into a delicious mole sauce. At the end of the process, you´ll taste everything you´ve prepared at the familial table.

At some point throughout the day, depending on when hunger calls, Raquel will spoil you with a regional tlayuda as well.

You´re welcome to provide Raquel with your email so that she can send you the exact recipe for the mole you prepared.

Time Frame:

8 a.m.- (approximately) 4 p.m.


  • Breakfast (Bread/Chocolate)
  • Trip to the market/ Guide / Bus fare
  • Brunch (Tlayudas)
  • Trip to the mill / Guide
  • Mole instruction/ preparation
  • Lunch (The mole you´ve prepared)
  • Optional Translation (Spanish/English)
  • As part of this experience, Raquel has taken the time to hand-create a unique bag, apron, and recipe booklet for each of her guests. This is just one of the reasons we love her!

Minimum amount of people required:

2 people (if we do not reach this minimum, your purchase will be refunded in full)


In the centrally-located home of Doña Raquel. (Upon purchasing your experience, we will send you her exact address via email.)

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