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Do you already have an itinerary in mind? Do you want one of our bilingual drivers to take you and your family or small group out on the town to explore some of Oaxaca’s most notable destinations? This is our most flexible solution for meeting the needs of your group.

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“What if I want to see the local markets but my travel partner prefers to visit palenques? We both want to see some ruins, but have no idea how long we’ll want to stay.”

Tlayudona has a variety of transportation options for you, your family, or your small group.

We are actively revising our Covid Protocol and continuously updating our connections with our experiencing hosts and neighboring villages, to be able to offer you low-risk options for your group.

Whether your interest lies in scenic routes, artisan villages, mezcal, or a splendid array of Oaxacan activities, we can meet your needs.


make a day of it

Some Ideas for inspiration

Because we have years of experience with local hosts, we can create a personalized day trip for you and your family or small group that blends the comfort of private (air-conditioned) transportation with authentic local experiences that are beyond the typical tourist trajectory.

Here are just a few ideas based on trips we’ve arranged in the past:

  • The quintessential route: Tlacalula/Market, Tule/The “big tree”, Matatlán/Mezcal, Teotitlán/Weaving, Hierve el Agua (*Closed 2021) /Petrified Waterfall at your group’s pace (no rush, personal interactions with cultural hosts & artisans, open end-time that allows you to maximize your day, etc)
  • Authentic personalized palenque visits amongst various mezcal distilleries that preserve artisan and ancestral methods (far from the “tourist traps”)
  • A day of visiting villages renowned for their artisan work. We work personally with artisans from alebrije, pottery, and weaving communities who are happy to give you anything from an overview to a hands-on workshop
  • Another quintessential route: San Bartolo/Black Pottery, Santa Catarina Minas/Mezcal, Tilcajete/Alebrijes, and Ocotlán/Art & Architecture
  • A trip to Sola de Vega for an immersion experience in mezcal with the Fanekantsini Mezcal Cooperative and the maestra mezcalera Sósima
  • An immersion in the significance of corn in terms of culture and gastronomy, ranging from an academic foundation provided by a local NGO dedicated to food sovereignty to hands-on experiences in the campo learning to convert corn into tortillas and tamales


plan your trip

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Our pricing/transportation depend on whether your group is composed of:

  • Between 2-4 people (air-conditioned sedan)
  • Between 4-6 people (air-conditioned SUV)
  • 6 or more people (air-conditioned touristic van)

Our Drivers

Each of our drivers is certified, bilingual, and either native to Oaxaca or has spent over a decade in the region!




Whenever we help you organize a day-trip we take into consideration the following:

How many people are in your group?

Does your group have specific areas of interest?

Does your group have any special needs?

What is the age-range of your group?

What is your group’s time-frame?

What are your dates of availability?

Does your group need a Spanish-to-English translator?

What activities and sites are currently open and offer the safest options due to the pandemic and other local legislation?

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