Colors and Textures: Indigo Dye Party

Tlayudona will soon be collaborating with internationally-renowned dye artist and educator Claire Fredrick of Wax & Wane Fiber to bring us a different perspective on the dyeing process.  Claire is going to open up a multi-faceted dialogue about indigo dyeing history, culture, and techniques with us, which we will continue with the women of Teotitlán and … Read more

Open air, blue skies, and tamales galore.

Recently Tlayudona took a trip out to Yatareni, Oaxaca, to test out our open-air “tamales” experience.  We´ve known Doña Juana for a long time, and were excited when she decided she wanted to be a part of our project.  She knew that she wanted to center her first experience-offering around her family’s ancestral recipes, but … Read more

Women in Mezcal/ Mujeres del Mezcal

Any of us who’ve been in Oaxaca for any length of time have surely tasted at least a few varieties of mezcal, but there are worlds within worlds hidden within the history and production of this local spirit. One important (and often-overlooked dimension) of mezcal production is that of the women who have traditionally played … Read more

Oaxacan Chocolate!

Let’s drink some chocolate. We are pleased to add Oaxacan chocolate to the list of Tlayudona´s experiences that you can literally drink up.  Oaxaca is known worldwide as an origin location for cacao, the plant behind the myriad of chocolate confections that we enjoy around the world. Oaxacan chocolate is its own thing though, not to be … Read more